Electronics, the pulse of world….the rhythm of life. The only one technology which changed the world with a new face and thoughts. Its not a technology, its an Era. Now the entire life in earth one way or another way depends on electronics. Development we achieved on the areas of biomedical engineering, communication, space research, automotive etc is only because of fast growing technologies in electronics.

If we look in deep, basically electronics is a magic of electrons. Again we can say its a technology of flow of electrons in a vacuum, gas, or semiconductors. The main milestones during the growth of electronics was wireless telegraphy, radio, television, radar, computers and microprocessors. Growth of electronics from vacuum tube to Integrated Circuits was very fast and achieved the development of microprocessors.

After the development of microprocessors we can say another Era was get started. Yes it is. That is Embedded System. Embedded system is a combination of Hardware and Software. After the rise of Embedded system, electronic devices become more flexible, complex and user friendly. Electronic Science is an ocean and in that frame Embedded system is a vast sea. Shall we navigate through this ocean and sea for miles and miles…………..Here we go………